CNN has an article today about an evangelist known as Tony Alamo being arrested for child porn.  (In reality, it was for suspected child abuse.) Reading their account of the story, it looks like he’s involved in some questionable behavior, but I don’t know, and will refrain from judging that here, because it is only allegations.

What caught my eye was the last sentences of the article:  They said that “Alamo compared himself to Christ” because he said “Jesus is living within me.”

As one who calls himself “Christian” I have Jesus living in me, but comparing myself to Christ is no comparison – I lose every time.

The reporter tried to accuse Alamo (whose real name is Bernie Hoffman) of having a Messiah complex, supporting an accusation of being a cult because he is aggressive in his evangelism and successful in getting his parishioners to live his brand of Christianity faithfully.

Isn’t that our goal?  To lead those in our charge to live Christ-like lives such that the depth of our faith looks unreasonable fanatical (almost cult-like) to an agnostic world?

Just be sure what you teach is accurate to scripture, and to local laws if possible without contradicting scripture.  He’s been investigated multiple times for tax evasion and for promoting spanking (child abuse).  Alamo has young children living with him at his church-owned housing complex on 10 acres near Texarkana, and , and had six children living with him at the time of a raid last week.  He claims that the age of “consent is puberty” for young teens, and has performed marriages of old men to juveniles having just reached puberty. (source:  CNN)