Today’s guest post is from Meredith Mitchell, co-Valedictorian at Hampton (VA) Christian High School.  It is the text of a speech given to 5th grade students at Hampton Christian Elementary, graduating into middle school.

When I was in sixth grade, I heard a story from 1 Kings 3. In 1 Kings 3, Solomon asked the Lord for wisdom, and the Lord was pleased with his request, so He made Solomon the wisest person who ever lived. When I heard this story, the Holy Spirit stirred me and when I went home that night, I asked that the Lord would give me wisdom, just as He gave Solomon. I prayed for wisdom every single night. I also began to read a Proverb a day and write down every verse that I thought was interesting or that spoke to me. This was the primary way the He gave me wisdom – through His Word. (more…)