I usually filter most of the comments, although I read them all.  And when someone leaves me a note about something they’re selling, I tend to delete mercilously.  But Fred Ruckett’s comment caught my eye, and I made an exception.

Fred responded to the main page of “Hope for Struggling Churches“.  His comment advised me and my readers about a new service called DivineCoupons.com.

According to Fred, “We started this site for the sole purpose of helping churches sow their seed. This coupon site encourages saving and giving more to the church. We ask that you pass this method on to your congregations.”

We believe that the role of the faith community is to let people know that there’s always hope, that adversity brings about opportunities, that we must not surrender to fear and panic, but continue to trust in God and believe that a better day will come.

We as a community of faith need to embrace the opportunity to do what we are called to do. If that action is printing grocery coupons or store coupons in order for saving money and giving a little extra to our church or non-proftit, we think its a small sacrifice to make.

I haven’t used the service, and can’t personally vouch for the service.  Nor do I know the impact it will or won’t have on your congregation.  But it’s a worthy project.  I commend him for out of the box thinking.

And I encourage you to continue to consider ways to help your congregants be wise in their use of God’s money (both in the church and the home) so there is more left over to do God’s work at home and abroad.

Go look at  DivineCoupons.com.  It might be right for you.