The manifesto of the PunkJews movement is  “ to re-brand God and Judaism to future generations of Jews… a countercultural, non-mainstream movement showing people you can have a strong cultural identity, religious observance level and still be as crazy with your friends as you want to be at the parties on Thursday night.”

Yitz Jordan, a popular African-American Orthodox Jewish rapper known as “Y-Love,” is the prototypical PunkJew.    Even though a convert to Judaism, he’s become fluent in Yiddish, fluent in Scripture.  Part of that are the friends he hangs around with.  They come from an evangelical version of  “all in black”  Orthodox Jews, the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.  And even though their music is hardcore punk,  they preach Torah during the concerts.

I found the story interesting because they were able to combine a life on the edge of society with a deep and abiding faith.  They don’t compromise who they are and they don’t apologize for their faith.

I’m not saying you need to adopt punk rock in your worship service, but someone needs to minister to them.  In whatever circumstance you find yourself in, whatever you enjoy, find a way to redeem it for the Gospel and be passionate about your message in the middle of the activity.

If Orthodox Jews can convert Catholics to their faith by consistent discussion and lifestyle, why should we do any less?


source: The Jewish