I attended a seminar today by Sam Nadler, who is President of Word of Messiah Ministries. He is in town to provide training to the leadership of B’nai Avraham Messianic Fellowship.

Sam explained 1 Timothy 3:5, which says a leader should manage his household well, because “if one does not know how to conduct his own house, how shall he take care of the assembly of God?”

This passage is not about being a good manager. It’s not even so much about disbarring a leader who’s kids turn against the faith. Sam says that’s looking at the problem backwards. Instead, he told us that we are to interpret the passage as “do at home what you do at church.”

Do you pray at church? Pray at home. Do you study the scriptures at church? Study them at home. Do you worship at church? Worship at home.

If you do not lead your family in the business of the Gospel at home, how will you lead the church in the business of the Gospel at church? If your family is not praying with you, providing testimony of your faith, who will?

And this is more than simple mealtime grace. It is fervent prayer. It’s prayer about the missional focus of your family. (your neighbors, your ethnicity, your chosen people group).

This is the kind of active prayer that caused four men to lower their sick friend through the roof.  It was the combined faith of all five that moved them to action, to bring their friend to Jesus, and that faith moved Jesus to heal the man.

Sam Nadler said that effective prayer moves us to action even as it creates action by God. What he actually said was “If your prayer doesn’t move your heart, why should it move God’s?”