I remember being a church trustee in a congregation of 70.  In those days, the Trustees also handled building maintenance, and part off our job was to plan work days.  What I discovered was it took a full day of effort, once a month, to keep the building in shape, and then on top of that a member spent several hours emptying the trash and vacuuming all the floors.

What I proposed (and the church approved) was a modest salary for someone to come clean and maintain the building, to let us have the time and energy to do ministry in the community.

As it turned out, a Chinese couple, studying at a local university, needed low-cost rental space.  We had missionary housing at the church, so they moved in and became the caretakers of the building.  After only a few weeks, the floors showed the improvement, and the church was more presentable than when we were doing it.

When you look at your church calendar, how much of the activity is maintenance of the organization, and how much is ministry?  How much is inward focused and how much looks out to the community?

You will not grow as a congregation if all your activity is just to keep the lights on, and to make the members happy.  To be an effective church, you need to be out doing the work of the Kingdom.