Today’s guest post is from Meredith Mitchell, co-Valedictorian at Hampton (VA) Christian High School.  It is the text of a speech given at her graduation, June 18, 2010.

You so often hear “life with no regrets” and the way that people go about living with no regrets is “living for the moment.” But this is such a worldly concept and is not founded in the truth of the Bible at all. If you live for the moment, I can promise you that you will have regrets. There will be moments that you wish you could replay.

Instead, live for eternity and use every moment that He has given you to further the kingdom of God. 1 Thessalonians says “Pray without ceasing.” Sometimes we take verses like these and translate it into “Oh, well, Paul just means for us to pray most of the time because there’s no way we could always be praying.” But this verse is very literal! I challenge you to let every thought that passes through your mind be offered up to God (more…)