Is God a god?  Is he the all-powerful supreme god? Even if you accept the existence of other gods (I don’t), our god is the God above all others.

Nemo235 posted an assertion that, since no one else was around when god created the world, we can’t know that it was God that did the creating.

To which I replied:

If I do something and tell you about it later, I am acting as a witness on my own behalf. Even if no one else was there to see it, if I say it happened, and you trust me to be truthful, then because I said it, you know that I did it. When God tells Adam, Eve, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Job that He created the world, because God is a reliable witness we know it to be true. (To assume God to be less than a reliable witness makes him less than a perfect god and not worth trusting for anything.) Therefore, there is no “non-existent witness.” God is the witness and that’s all I need.

I can’t prove God.  I can’t prove He does what He says He does.  But I have faith that all He says is internally consistent, and when He says something happened, then it must have happened.