Jason Clark’s recent blog introduced the term “Deep Church” to me, but it’s exactly where I am (I think).
Deep Church is a response to the same factors that created the Emergent Church movement, but with a different result.  He says it is a reaction to the two poles of “abandonment” and “reconstruction”

The one pole – abandonment – says “the forms of church should be abandoned. Church as we know it is axiomatic to all our problems of church, church is bankrupt and we need to be post-church with our new forms church.”  These are that estimated 20% of the population that says they are active in their Christian faith, but only attend a defined gathering (“church”) when forced to.

Reconstruction, the other pole in Clark’s dichotomy, seeks “to find/define the correct/authentic model/mode of emerging church.”  They recognize that, in general, the church is “in dire need of moving beyond, with new forms of church needing to be found.”