There’s a lot that can be done without prayer.  You can clean the building without prayer.  You can read and teach without prayer.  You can do good social services without prayer.

But it wear you down.  Like running your car without oil, do it long enough and it will break.  Prayer is the essential activity that starts all others.

If  you want to jumpstart renewal, start with prayer.  Pray like Ezra first in confession of sin, then to hear the direction of God.  Spend time fasting, to center the body and attention.  Spend a weekend (or a week) alone in silence, in meditation.  Then gather the group that has done this separately and pray together in silence and for direction.  When you settle down and begin to rest in God, then you can start asking for direction.

Many Christians cannot understand what is meant by the much prayer they sometimes hear spoken of: they can form no conception, nor do they feel the need, of spending hours with God. But what the Master says, the experience of His people has confirmed: men of strong faith are men of much prayer. – Andrew Murray in “Have Faith in God”

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