Remember to celebrate victories.  Celebrate achievements and commission for service.  Decommission with honor, as if a task completed (need to have defined inch stones for gracefully stepping away).

Also need to find an incentive for rewarding the work by volunteers.  People attend, participate, serve and give because of WIINFM (What’s In It For Me?).  Even altruism is a response to a need to feel right.  Perhaps it is bringing parking lot volunteers coffee partway through a cold shift.- or giving them a 5-minute break to go get their own cup!  It may be giving some adult social time for children’s teachers – either among themselves or by a sponsoring adult class.  It may be asking a less-professional singer to do a special at a nursing home visit or similar event.  Enlistig “permanent substitute” teachers who prepare as if they had a class, and can be called on to fill in at a moment’s notice.

The BT Global Challenge, a 30,000-mile marathon “the wrong way” around the planet — that is, against prevailing winds and currents.  It is physically and emotionally draining, and tests a leaders’ ability to bring out the best in each individual who sails on the crew.  Andrea Bacon was one of those who crewed one of the boats that made the journey, says that celebration is essential for victory.  Celebrations make a “huge difference” in people’s morale.  She told of spending Christmas in the Southern Ocean, where the other boats were celebrating with drinks, or performing a Christmas play, but her boat had forgotten to prepare anything, and noticing that the other boats were celebrating and they weren’t “made it that much harder to take.”[1]

[1] Bill Breen “I Can Only Compete Through My Crew.” Fast Company Magazine, Issue 40 November 2000, Page 270,


copyright 2010 Mike Mitchell

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