In my main job, any time there is a decision briefing to one of the senior executives (knowing time is short), they will often tell the conclusion on the second slide, calling it the BLUF – the Bottom Line Up Front, in case they run out of time and don’t get done.  It tells what they found and what they want him to do about it.  Only then do they tell the problem, the investigation, the results, the conclusion, and again ask for a decision.

The BLUF, the bottom line of JumpStart is that it is possible to resurrect a struggling, even a dying church, and bring new vibrancy.  It’s done by returning to the first principles, done consistently, in the right way and the right attitudes, taking the time needed for the action to complete.

In JumpStart, you will be asked to make priorities of Prayer, Bible Study and Evangelism.  You will need to set a structure for care ministries and facility maintenance.  You will look at yourself and your actions the way an outsider will see you.  You will need to set ego aside and agree to work together.  You will hold each other accountable for the actions, because success is often determined less on what we expect and more on what we inspect.

We serve a God of second chances.  If the thief on the cross can see paradise, if the mean old man can find salvation in his seventies, if the angry athiest can accept the savior, then your church can overcome its bad reputation and dwindling numbers and once again be held up as a lighthouse to the nations.

If you only will.

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copyright 2010 Mike Mitchell

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