Our faith was not made up one day from nothing, but is an ever-growing understanding of our heavenly Father.   Similarly, while the core of our doctrine is centered on Biblical moorings, the expression of our common understanding must be constantly reviewed and refined to match the language and issues of the day.

Baptists hold fast to the personal relationship of God and our role as priests to the world at large.  But one of the dangers in so many priests is the constant reinterpretation of God’s truth by each and every one of us.  So from the very beginning of the Baptist movements in the reformation, we ahve adopted statements of common belief, “to teach, defend and perpetuate the faith.”

The introduction to the Southern Baptist Faith and Message affirms that these statemetns “establish identity, confront false teaching and instruct Christians in the faith … to anchor Southern Baptists to their traditional theological moorings … and lead this generation of Southern Baptists into a bold new era of missions, evangelism and ministry.”

This course is based on the 2000 BFM, which was adopted to address areas that the majority of the Southern Baptist leadership felt were at issue at the time.  It incorporates the consensus of opinion on the nature of the family, and rounds out a mature understanding of all three persons of the Trinity.

This document is not without controversy, both from those who say it went too far and those who said it wasn’t plain enough.  But as a framework for building your own personal statement of theology, it provides a useful framework.


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