It’s said that if you cut the Bible at any spot, it bleeds Jesus.  Jesus, the second person of the Trinity of God, is the central figure of the Bible.  The blessings given to Abraham in Gen 12 point to the salvation of the nations through Jesus, the “seed” of Abraham.

Jesus is the focal point of the Bible.  The Old Testament tells a story of a God who wants to make himself known to all peoples, but the tribe chosen to carry out that assignment is weak and selfish and sinful (as we all are), and they failed that task.  So God created a way to reconcile himself with his created world, by sending his only son to pay the penalty and redeem us. 

At the appointed time, Jesus came to live, teach, die, be resurrected, teach and go to heaven.

You can cut the Bible anywhere, and it bleeds Jesus!

Everything in the Bible points to Jesus.  From Genesis on, they look forward to the Messiah.  From Acts on, it is recounting, retelling and explaining the life of Jesus and our life with Him.

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