Friday started my vacation.  At least that’s what it looks like on my timesheet.  But after today, it’ll be work.  My family is spending a week in Gallup, NM, with a missionary with the Navajos.

(I say with, not to, because he is living among them, and a lot of ministry happens by them.  The hope is that some day, the mission church will be led by a Navajo pastor, starting other churches led by Navajo pastors.)

But since airfare was so much better into Phoenix than Albuquerque, and since this was a trip of families, the trip leader decided to give us a couple days’ vacation.  We drove from Phoenix straight north, past Flagstaff, to the Grand Canyon.  Such a sight!  I’d never seen it before, nor had my kids.  We did a little hiking, and I got pictures at sunset.  Second day was Monument Valley, just over the border in Utah.  What a great God to create such beauty.

There is a message and a strategy in doing it that way – vacation first.  We spent 2 days getting to know one another, eating together, long hours in the cars together, talking back and forth on the walkie talkies.  And we got a sense of how distant the Native peoples can be from one another.  Miles and miles of nothing but scenery, and then a house, or a cluster of 3.

And after 2 days in the car, I was ready to get to work.