The statistics are disheartening.  Less than 15% of churches in North America are growing, and most of them by transfers in from failing churches.  Over half the churches have had stable memberships for at least a decade.  Close to a fifth are declining.  No county in America has seen a net increase in the number of practicing Christians in the past two decades.  Formerly great churches close every day.

This site is a collection of good ideas and inspired writings about how to minister to a struggling congregation, and how to restore a failing one.  Like everything God does, there are no “one-size-fits-all” answers, but I pray there is something here that will help you lead your own congregation, and that you will also contribute to the conversation of what is working in your ekklesia.

4 Responses to “About TC”

  1. togedenjin Says:

    The dear author, thanks you for a vital topic!

  2. valium Says:

    This is all correct. That’s how the things really are. Thank you for the post.

  3. clomid Says:

    The way of your thinking is very original. There are not many articles of this kind in the internet. I will come back soon again to see your other masterpieces.

  4. Matt Bohling Says:

    I’m a revitalization pastor in Seattle and would like to make your acquaintance if you’re still interested in the topic of this blog. Please email to setup a time we could possibly talk.

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