One of the easiest way is to increase participation is to focus on the people that are doing a little bit and ask them to do just a little bit more. We call this moving the middle because if you look at a bell graph and activity involvement you’ll have probably a lot of people doing only little bit and then you’ll have a kind of a drop off and then you’ll have a substantial number doing some and then it will tell off on the far right side there’s a lot of people doing a lot of their there’s a few people doing a awful lot of things and so if you look at it say we were doing 10 activities doing the week and probably a third to I have a the people in the average church or attending one or two events and soul the far left side would be pretty high. Then you’ll have a drop off and a number of people probably a tenth or maybe a quarter will be involved in 4 or 5 activities if you want to counted as leadership than it will be 0 to the left of that and these people will show up starting with one or two or maybe for.

And then the Kerrville drop off again or if you is that you will have a smaller number of people who are doing 5 or 8 functions and so what your trying to do is to take the people that are involved in one or two or three activities and push them 2 to 3 or 5. As this displays on a bell curve this shows that you are moving the middle to the right by one point where about to points what it translates to his a whole lot of activity because in a congregation of 200 if you can get a quarter which would be 50 to Adam one more activity your now adding 50 hours of that of activity but if you took someone who is already doing ate activities and might not have maybe they can add one more hour but there’s only 10 or 20 of those people your only adding 10 or 20 hours of activity so its much more activity by getting the middle to each and one more hour then it is to try to work at the people that are already busy and trying to get them to Adam one more activity the other side of is your growing leaders by putting the people in the middle into increase leadership responsibility and then it the same time you are saving the people that are highly committed from burnout and your giving them a chance to offload some of their responsibilities hi just moves they tail into left a little bit but the important part is putting the most number of people involved in doing several activities and at least one leadership per person. After all the gold is to involve more people in the ministry and the mission of the organization. Be in part because we know volunteers 10 to give twice as our twice as likely to give and generally give free times as much to the organization. If I increase there activity buy a few percent by one more hour week which may turn into 10% more commitment that one hour or week becomes I a higher involvement of their giving it also commits them to the church more often and gives the view of the first time Vista that this is an active congregation where people show up and is not declining it is not dwindling the people are constantly involved in busy and and doing and this is a place where they can find a place to plug in.