In conversation this evening, I spoke with a man about being stuck in the past.  It was about a man in a small congregation who knows and uses the phrase “We’ve never done that here before.”

The incident was when the man, leader of the church council, invited a Christian magician to perform in the church’s fellowship hall.  The magician is very good, and it was great fellowship.  But when it was over, “Charlie” came up and said he didn’t like what they’d done.

Why didn’t Charlie like the show? He said “the church shouldn’t be a community center.”

Actually, the church ought to be a community center.  A good church’s facility  is the center of the community, and a place of community action for the members.  That’s who we are.  If we use the skills of other believers to draw people in for social interaction, they will get to know us and hopefully give us permission to talk about our faith.

Or we can close the doors.