Ed Stetzer has his finger on the pulse of church life and missions development, and has recently written about the influence of global cities on the rest of the world.

Quoting Tim Keller’s “Our New Global Culture: Ministry in Urban Centers” in his blog, he shows how much world cities – major large cities of the world, also known as global cities – are more alike one another in influencing attitudes than the governments of their host countries.  Keller says these cities are “far more influential in forming the culture of teenagers in rural Indiana or rural Mexico than the national or local governments.”

If we design our churches for the suburbs, they probably won;t work in the cities.  Our agrarian roots offer few clues either.  Instead, we need to look to the media to see what’s happening in the culture, and find ways to redeem it.

  • walk-to neighborhood services and centers
  • cool of the day meetings
  • 24-hour people

Are you up to the challenge?