Today’s guest post is from Meredith Mitchell, co-Valedictorian at Hampton (VA) Christian High School.  It is the text of a speech given to 5th grade students at Hampton Christian Elementary, graduating into middle school.

When I was in sixth grade, I heard a story from 1 Kings 3. In 1 Kings 3, Solomon asked the Lord for wisdom, and the Lord was pleased with his request, so He made Solomon the wisest person who ever lived. When I heard this story, the Holy Spirit stirred me and when I went home that night, I asked that the Lord would give me wisdom, just as He gave Solomon. I prayed for wisdom every single night. I also began to read a Proverb a day and write down every verse that I thought was interesting or that spoke to me. This was the primary way the He gave me wisdom – through His Word.

I continued asking the Lord for wisdom and about this time, my mom and I began to form a more solid relationship. At times, though, she would talk to me a lot, and I would get aggravated with her “lectures.” One day, the Lord showed me that I was rejecting the wisdom that I had asked for….my mom was an answer to my prayer! It was like the Holy Spirit wiped away a cloud from my eyes. After that, I began to grow to become more and more attentive to the words that my mom spoke to me.

I want to share two things with you tonight: Read the Word of God like if you didn’t read it, you would surely die. Read it, searching the pages and seeking to find a treasure that God has specifically for you for that day. Put yourself in the situation and imagine what it was like to be there at that time. After you read, ask the Lord, “OK, now what does this mean for me?” Knowing Christ more is the only thing that matters on this earth – through knowing Him, you will love Him, through loving Him, you will serve Him, through serving Him, you will advance His kingdom. Search His Word and devote yourself to talking with Him so that you may know Him more.

Second, honor your parents. Seek their godly counsel and be open and honest about everything that goes on in your life. It may be really awkward to tell them that you like a guy or girl, or got in a fight with your best friend, or that someone made fun of you, but I promise, they have been in your shoes. They understand. And they want to help you.

I want to leave you with a verse that I memorized in 6th grade, “Charm is deceptive and beauty is vain, but a woman (person) who fears the Lord shall be praised” (Proverbs 31:30). Charm can lead you in the wrong direction and beauty only lasts for a little while. But fear the Lord, and you will receive promise after promise after promise. Do not fix your goal on getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend, seek the Filler of your heart and He will satisfy you with all good things. Do not let your primary objective be to make friends with everyone, for friends are here today and gone tomorrow – people change so quickly. Seek the companionship of Jesus Christ through reading His Word every single day. Form solid relationships with your family and seek godly counsel from your parents. If you desire to know Him more, and you seek after Him with all of your heart, He will not withhold any good thing from you.

Copyright 2010, Meredith Mitchell.  All rights reserved.