My buddy from college (and a Facebook friend) Reggie May posted the word of the day. He picked it up at Worship Expo ’09 in Lakeland, Fl. The word is Doxophobia, the fear of giving praise.

Technically, the word “doxology” is to speak or express a word of opinion, and “doxophobia” is the fear of giving an opinion. You might offend someone, or they might not like you for what you say, or you might be wrong.

But in the spiritual sense, a doxology is a word of praise to God, and Doxophobia is the withholding of that praise for fear of doing it wrong. As Reggie put it,

Doxophobia is rooted in control. We are afraid of losing control. We fear what will happen if we give God total control of our HEART, total control of our SOUL, total control of our MIND and total control of our STRENGTH. But didn’t Jesus tell us that was the MOST important thing. When we practice perfect praise, we may think we are getting more of God, but the reality is that He is getting more of us. Are we willing to totally lose control for His glory?

and again

We fear what other people might think; we fear that we are unworthy. We can’t seem to get past the flawed thinking that this praise thing (doxology) has something to do with us. When we fear what others will think, that’s about us. Shouldn’t we be focusing on what God thinks? When we fear that we are unworthy, we think it’s about us. We ARE unworthy!! But, we don’t praise Him because we are worthy; we praise Him because He IS Worthy. He has not given us a spirit of fear…Hello!! Perfect praise casts our fear.

Reggie May is Minister of Music at Stetson Baptist Church in Deland, FL.