Looking through the Bible, I see a thread where Babylon plays a unique and special purpose to the Gospel.

We see it the first time in Genesis 11, as the city of Babel.  A city of great learning, a storehouse of knowledge.  However, the wise men chose to become prideful in their knowledge instead of protectors of the wisdom of God.

When Balaam was done blessing Israel, he returned home to Babylon, holding the knowlege of God’s greatness.

When Israel sinned and half the population was carried off, Daniel went to the center of learning – Babylon.  There, where the mysteries of God were kept safe and taught , the king needed an answer to a dream, but none of  could interpret it.  The blessing of God to Daniel let him give the answer, and saved the lives of the rest of these wise men, and preserved the messages God would need later in his story.

When Nebucanezzer’s son Belshazzar became an offense to God, he who was “weighed in the balance and found wanting” was replaced by the son of Xerxes, the husband of Esther. 

He was the one who grieved over Daniel in the lion’s den, and when the morning revealed God’s protection, he made God’s name known throughout the land.  And still they preserved the knowledge of God, the prophecies revealed to Balaam.

Kept safe until the stars lined up in a special way that let the wise men know it was time to follow them west.  And when these wise men, these Magi, knew exactly where to look for the promised Messiah.

Not sure what all this means yet.