I read a tragic story of Carol Daniels, pastor of a small church in Anadarko, OK.  She was found inside the church house, the victim of trauma.

According to the news article, Pastor Daniels drove to Anadarko from her home in Oklahoma City, some 60 miles away.  She had pastored the small Christ Holy Sanctified Church for “many, many years.” 

What is sad about the article, beyond the pastor’s death, is that she drove there and opened the church each week “just in case someone showed up.”

Pastor Daniels was not reaching Anadarko’s 6,600 people, and had failed over the course of her ministry to have any impact on the town.   It’s not clear if she was active in the community at all.  Perhaps it was that she lived so far away, and only showed up to preach.

If you want your church to matter, you will need to show up more than just on Sunday morning.  You’ve got to get into the neighborhoods, meet the people, get involved in their lives, in what matters to them.  How will they know to come to your church if they don’t know anyone there?

If you die in the church building some Sunday, will anyone notice?