A cartoon a couple of years ago showed two kids making faces at one another and giggling in the back seat and the dad getting more and more aggravated until he turns around and yells at them “What are you doing?” One kid meekly replies “We were having an ugly face contest, but it’s over.  You won.”

I misread an article once and then misquoted the author in my own article.  In reply, that author* sent me hate mail.  Rather than simply writing to have me correct the mistake, he started off my calling me names and finished by attacking my character.

I’m not sure who you are, or from what planet you descended, but that statement above is no closer to truth than the Loch Ness Monster lives in Lake Superior or Big Foot is actually a U.S. Congressman.

This man said his ministry was helping people and churches “cooperate around the gospel.”  He’s one of the country’s religious leaders.  His denomination has been having some problems.  Maybe that’s where he picked up his own “ugly face.”

Dear church leader, when you speak, folks listen.  And your attitude shouts louder than your message.  Are you running people away in the name of absolute accuracy?  Or do you mentor, correct gently and nurture your congregation and your community?

As the old preacher story says about the young girl’s prayer:

Dear God, please make all the bad people good
And make the good people nice.


(*name withheld – you can understand why)