The Jerusalem Post last week reported that  “Hamas legislators marked the Christmas season Tuesday by passing a Shari’a criminal code for the Palestinian Authority. Among other things, it legalizes crucifixion.”

Hamas’s endorsement of nailing enemies of Islam to crosses came at the same time it renewed its jihad. Here, too, Hamas wanted to make sure that Christians didn’t feel neglected as its fighters launched missiles at Jewish day care centers and schools. So on Wednesday, Hamas lobbed a mortar shell at the Erez crossing point into Israel just as a group of Gazan Christians were standing on line waiting to travel to Bethlehem for Christmas.

The Bible teaches that in the last days, God’s people will be persecuted. We think of Israel as a Jewish nation, but a sizable portion of the population are believers in Jesus.

The Post says that “the leading political leaders and foreign policy practitioners in the West refuse to listen to them and deny the significance of their actions.”

Perhaps when the enemies of God begin visible persecution of Christians they will be held to account, but for us who know scripture, it is simply confirmation of the end times.

source: Jerusalem Post