News reports from all over the country tell of many a missing baby Jesus from the nativity scenes.  It’s looking like an epidemic.

Five were stolen since last weekend just Cape May County, N.J., including one from a Lower Township funeral home’s display, according to the Cape May County Herald.  In one Cape May Courthouse heist, the entire Nativity scene was taken, except for a broken cradle.

Despite being chained, a Jesus also vanished from the Clover Pass Community Church in Ketchikan, Alaska, according to the Ketchikan Daily News.

A drummer boy and a sheep disappeared along with Jesus from a family’s front yard in Rowlett, Texas, display, according to the Rowlett Lakeshore Times.

Other missing Jesus cases have been reported in Colorado, Massachusetts and Florida, according to online reports.

And in Alameda, California, when the Alameda Christian Reformed Church’s nativity scene’s Jesus went missing, the church posted a note asking for his return.

Ransom note for baby Jesus

Is this a case of simple vandalism by restless teens?  Or is it a vain attempt to connect with Jesus at the most visible time of the year?