At shabbat service tonite, I met a holy messenger of God.  He’s not employed as an evangelist, and has not been to seminary.  He does not claim to be a scholar, but he does openly profess his faith.

J J Johnigan shines shoes for a living.  He used to work at the Las Vegas McCairn Airport, but now works at the Wynn Hotel and Casino. 

The Wynn is one of the premier new hotels on the Strip.  It has earned status as a AAA five diamond resort, and Mobil gave it four-stars (five-stars for the Tower Suites at Wynn).  It covers 215 acres, has 2716 rooms, and cost $2.7B to build and furnish.  The rooms cost between $260 and $800 a night.  Steve Wynn has a number of properties around the world, but this is his flagship, the one he calls home.

And JJ is there with his Bible. 

He’s not allowed to openly preach.  That’s against policy.  But he has a copy of the Complete Jewish Bible at his stand, and patrons will comment on it, strike up conversations.  He’s not shy about asking their about their faith, and if the moment is right will share his, even to the point of asking them for a commitment of their life to Jesus.

JJ is very good at his job.  He says he shines owner Steve Wynn’s shoes.  And Steve Wynn is Jewish.  JJ commented – not bragging, for this was a semi-private conversation – that once recently Mr Wynn stopped for conversation, a full 25 minutes.  The others there were amazed because Steve Synn is a very busy man and would not normally stop to chat with one who shines shoes.  But JJ is on a holy mission, with God’s favor, and was able to build a bit of rappor with his employer.  Someday, when timing is set, Mr Wynn will hear the Gospel, and having be prepared for the hearing by JJ Johnigan, may receive it.

Look around your congregation.  Is there a JJ there?  Unassuming, with developing but not developed theology, but willing to be used in the strategic location where they are placed.  Pray for them and encourage them. 

I had the privilege to meet one of God’s holy messengers, and to pray blessing for him, and I left blessed.