Angels must be awesome creatures, because every time one apears in the Bible, he has to start the conversation by calming the person’s fears.  Or maybe that’s their job.  To be the messengers of the king of peace.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the end of fear, in a variety of contexts.

First, there’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, a great little book about taking control of your money.  Toward the back (where I read today) is a description of why some people choose to stay poor.  It is their fear of failure.  They are so afraid to fail they never get started.  The runner runs toward the finish line even if there’s a world champion in the next lane.  He didn’t show up to admire the starting blocks – he came to run.  And even if he finishes fifth, he finishes well, and far ahead of the one who never started the race.

In church today we talked about the need for failure to grow us.  The lesson said it is unlikely you will ever love deeply if you never risk being hurt.  The sermon said that in your failures you learn the life lessons that refine you.  Psalm 23 doesn’t say God will rescue us from troubles, but that He gives peace as we walk through the trouble toward an uncertain future.  Going all the way through the troubles makes you stronger on the other side.

Tonite I let wordpress do it’s thing by suggesting random blogs, and I came upon Alli Macisaac’s posting about the end of fear.

I believe that God has a plan for all of us and these trials and tribulations are what are there to make things interesting.

Alli’s solution is to “Do one thing every day that scares you.”  She goes on to say “Even if these things don’t work out they are definitely worth it – it is only then you can say you have truly lived.”