Element Community Church in Tucson sent out postcards advertising a new sermon series on God’s intended purposes for sex.  Just like every other place the concept has been tried, it’s getting lots of attention.

35,000 Tuscon homes got this in their mailbox

35,000 Tuscon homes got this in their mailbox

Pastor Jeremiah McDuffie says, “Sex wasn’t invented in a dark alley behind a porn shop. It’s part of God’s design.” The church sent out 35,000 of the postcards to raise the issue that “God wants people to have great sex.”

Not everyone was pleased. McDuffie says he’s gotten calls from people saying “this was a subject we shouldn’t be dealing with in church, that it’s inappropriate.”

The series, which began September 7th, promises to ask some tough questions and unravel the myths and confusion about sex.  He promises it to be compelling, easy to understand, and inspiring.  (See the video trailer at http://puresextucson.com/main.html).

Granger Community Church did this first, and got a similar reaction, only  then it was called “My Lame Sex Life,” (www.MyLameSexLife.com).  If you want to create a stir in your community, you might want to contact Granger about using their material, too.  Just be careful about where your billboards get placed (note the Hooter’s restaurant!)

reference:  http://www.asylum.com/2008/09/02/baptist-pastor-advertises-pure-sex/