There are many reasons why people avoid the church, but there is emerging in my mind a common theme. Those folks wouldn’t fit in my home church. They don’t have right belief, right actions, right attitudes. And we run them off.

I have a friend who used to be a good friend. Then he started passing along spurious emails, obviously wrong, so easy to check. I once suggested that – since the topic had been debunked several years ago – that to continue to send these emails urging Christian action, it made us as a people look foolish. He got mad. Then, more recently, he sent me all the Obama nonsense, first about him being Muslim because of what his daddy named him, and then questioning Barak’s faith because of what his preacher said. We have agreed to disagree, and we don’t talk much any more.

He’s benign. Others are in the marketplace, actively working against the Gospel.

My brother has a friend who was working at a furniture store. And God was blessing her with sales. And the rest of the staff got jealous. They have a rotation there – when you get a customer, you name goes to the bottom of the list, and you move up as your fellows get their turn. But they were dropping her name off the list whenever she left the waiting station, to go roam the store, in case someone “just looking” became ready to buy. When she complained, they drafted a letter of grievance against her and she was fired.

Did I mention this is a “Christian” business? They start each day with Bible study. All the employees claim Christianity. Yet there is no love in their heart, no overflowing compassion in the “cutthroat business of sales.”

If the visitor comes to your church, and sees people they’ve seen at work, will they stay?