I had a Google Alert direct me to a “Discussing Mormon Things” page that included an insightful article on refocusing your spiritual energy.  And although I disagree with the Mormon religion on doctrinal issues, the post is worth reading for the conclusions it reaches.

The issue at hand was a question posed to a mission president.  One of the elders had been presented with anti-Mormon literature and it raised questions in his mind about the validity of his faith.  “I think I’m losing my testimony,” he confessed.

The mission president agreed to help find answers to each question of faith, but also chanllenged the elder with a question of his own:  “How long has it been since you’ve read from the Book of Mormon?”  He hit the root cause squarely.  It had been a while since the elder had gone back to the source material of his faith.

The challenge was given to spend an hour a day reading, and the president set a follow-up meeting for den days hence.  And true to predition, the daily devotion restored the commitment of the questioner.

As church leaders, we easily fall into habits of reading about the Bible, or spending time preparing lessons or sermons for other people and not enough time reading and studying for ourselves. 

I appreciate that you read what I write here, but the core principle for strengthening a struggling church is to refocus on what the Bible says, and for clergy and lay leaders to lead the congregation in the working out of our salvation in light of what it being learned.