I study marketing, because if no one hears of our congregation, how will they know where to come? and if they don’t come, how will they grow?  Marketing gives them salt, to thirst for what you offer.

There are a number of choices, but most of what you find on the ‘net favors whatever the source is selling.  The postcard people tell you postcards are best.  The cable people extol the virtues of TV ads, even as they talk up the cost savings of targeted cable advertising.  Direct marketing folks show how you can “reach your target” with inserts, blow-ins, and mail-outs.

Truth is, the right solution is whatever God tells you will work at your time, in your circumstance.  Often, it’s a blend of multiple approaches.  And so I keep learning, exploring this one and that one.

I’ve been fascinated with the “guerrilla” approach.  Getting newsprint easily, becoming a news item, or creating internet buzz.  And this week, I heard about guerrilla radio.  It’s such a good 2 hours, it’s worth listening to several times   Here’s the link.