Some years ago, a co-worker and I were on a business trip to the same location. I suggested she join us for dinner that Wednesday night, but she declined, saying she always goes to church whenever she can, even while travelling. Caught me up short. It’s now my habit, too.

Trouble is, a lot of churches have abandoned midweek services. In some cities, I have to hunt to find a place to worship on Wednesday evening. In Utica, NY, I’ve found a great midweek service.

Lighthouse Baptist Church is Independent, fundamentalist, and only uses King James. Not my style, but the pastor is a great preacher. Tells it straight, holds his people accountable, and preaches with conviction.

They meet in an old store in an older neighborhood, supporting posts obscuring the view of the pulpit, suspended tile ceilings and long flourescent tube lighting. But it’s functional.

Tonite I learned they have been offered a 100-year-old Catholic church (seats 700), with rectory, convent dorms and a school, at an unheard-of $400k. It’s more than they can afford, but they’re stepping out in faith, excited about what God could do.

I want to challenge you to pray with me, and give with me. Their doctrine isn’t 100% what my doctrine is, but they are reaching people for the kingdom, and that’s what counts.

Please pray, and please give.   With your help, they can move in right away.

The church’s address is 115 South Street, Utica, NY 13501.

p.s. – If you are in Utica, go visit. I think you’ll be blessed, as I was.