I was out of town this week on business, and I missed the Whiteboard Sessions on church planting, and I was bummed. But then I found them posted on youtube. I highly commend these to you.

Tonite I listened again to “Perry Noble interviewed by Ed Stetzer (Pt 2)”. One thing he said is that no matter what you do, preach the Gospel and invite people to Jesus.

2 minutes into the session Noble said “I don’t believe God has called us to do church. I think God has called us to start a revolution. … Every Sunday I want to introduce people to Jesus and then give a hard challenge and let people wrestle with it all week.”

As for the best way to grow the church, Noble said, “There’s a lot of things that tick God off that we do at Newsping, that other churches do. He’s never gonna get TOd saying “there the go preaching the gospel inviting people to receive my son. He’s never gonna get ticked off at that.”

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