Don’t ya love automatic emoticons?  I visited Archangel’s Blog to comment on his post “The Reports of Our Demise are Exaggerated.”  In my comments, I paraphrased Matthew 28,  and then gave the reference inside a (parenthesis).  What the computer did when the comment was accepted was to change the reference to Matt 2 and substituted a smiley face!

Is that what’s happening in our churches.  You and I tell them what’s needed to bring restoration, but they don’t have the context to receive the message – our words in their context mean something else, like discipleship meaning “program” instead of mentoring new believers.  If we are in dialogue with our listeners, we can reflect back what we meant and correct misconceptions.  But all we do is blast and forget, how will they know to change?

I commend the whole article to you.  I’m not 100% in agreement with all he says, but the message is spot on.  I especially like his definition of the ideal church as one that engages its members in community:  I leave you with his words:

“In the ideal church, church members will seek to help each other by sharing burdens, bearing burdens, and sharing and partaking in each other’s joys and sorrows. Also, the ideal church members will care enough about their fellow church members to encourage them to live in the manner worthy of a Christian, even engaging in restorative church discipline (using the Matthew 18 model) when someone stumbles in their walk.”