Sean over at The Dawg House posted about“The Gospel According To Church Hoppers.”

Church hoppers are those people who habitually leave one church to affiliate with another nearby, only to leave there within a few years (often sooner).

This is not the middle-aged single man who leaves the church of 25 elderly people to affiliate with a congregation with a crop of single women.  It is not the family that moves to follow the job, or changes churches to be closer to the new house across town.  It is not the one who follows the call of God to minister in a new congregation.

Nor is it even the person who leaves a church practicing spiritual abuse for their own emotional and spiritual health.  And if you are not growing, and your church is not interested in facilitating your growth,

Church hopping is a symptom of the needy person encountering the consumer church.  The church provides eye candy and amusement to draw the crowd, and when it doesn’t meet the soul need, the loose attachments that brought them there allow them to follow the movable feast to the next Christian ‘show.’

And when the church finds it has become a target of church hoppers, it must evaluate what it’s doing to attract them.  Is it offering shallow teaching packaged in a  professional production?

Or are you providing the spiritual nourishment so desperately needed today?